Family Business Solutions

Studies show that family businesses have growth levels in sales and utility higher than those that are not

Advantages We offer

Commitment on the part of its members

Vast empirical knowledge

Labor flexibility

Long-term planning

Board Solutions


Faster decision Making


Family tradition


Family businesses

Corporate governance in the family business is necessary to rediscover the virtues of the family as a creative and productive force and at the same time give the necessary formality to achieve harmonious coexistence and generational sustainability.

The great challenge is to ensure the survival of the organization through the different generations.

The main characteristic of a family business is the degree of administrative presence and financial control that the owners and family members have.

It also has disadvantages such as complexity, informality and lack of discipline, conflict rate and disappearance.

We help you preserve
what you've formed

Board Solutions is a consultancy specializing in family companies that need to organize in the best way to acquire a greater presence in the market.
Our services include:

Succession Plan

Family protocol

Family Council

Stock Control Trust

Pension management and key man insurance

Updating and training programs for partners, advisors and members of successor generations