Investment and Financing Solutions

We invest in people with the capacity to improve the world through big projects. We have the experience and knowledge to bring your ideas to new levels.

We are the first venture Capital Fund in Mexico to have a focus based on the union of a consultancy specializing in corporate governance. Always looking for business models with greater scalability and high innovation. Through the experience and knowledge we offer both in the GC team and private investors, we will seek and bring the maximum added value we can to take our investments to another level.

Direct investment through our CAPITAL fund

In the wake of being an office producing large projects, our shareholders created an investment fund that operates as sister company of ACAD and invests directly capital in business projects with expansion capacity that carry a good control and high level of Institutionalization and are exemplary in the industry.

Mexican Stock Exchange

As a result of a good growth and institutionalization process, the stock market is always an option to solve the anchoring needs of our clients, both through debt and capital. ACAD has extensive experience with a significant number of success stories in the stock market.

Bank development and Banks anchoring

Within the growth management and strategy in which it supports our office to its clients, it is the obtaining of Anchorage through bank funding. We accompany our client from choosing the right anchor and assembling his corporate file to obtain the reception of the capital.

"BAJA INNOVA" Office of Technology Transfer (certified by CONACYT)

Approach of companies with researchers and research centers to give feasibility to business projects with innovation processes in order to increase the value of companies, create competitive advantages and achieve sustainability. We help entrepreneurs with direct contacts with national and international research centers and manage resources to make innovation and business development accessible and inexpensive.