Corporate Governance Solutions

Operation of the Board of Directors and committees

We facilitate the permanent operation of the Council and committees through the implantation of a dynamic of high efficiency and added value. We support with independent counselors, Secretary, work program tools and methodologies.

Internal Audit

Detailed process analysis that allows you to identify constant improvements that translate into greater efficiency, speed and productivity. Understanding and solving in time the root cause of the problems, derives in high effectiveness and a successful performance!.

COACHING in corporate governance best practices

Specialized advice to council presidents, general directors or business advisers to implement and operate high value-added corporate governance models.

Risk Management

We facilitate the identification and mitigation of all corporate risks, raising significantly the level of certainty about a successful future in companies. Risks that are not anticipated can destroy your heritage!.

Internal CONTROL Systems

Evaluation and improvement of strategic control elements, management and operational fundamentals to ensure the achievement of objectives and goals. A good internal control design is synonymous with high business productivity!.


Documentation of business processes to facilitate the high quality of service and business growth. Achieving excellence implies mastery and control of tasks!.