Human CAPITAL Solutions

Human Capital programs that generate value through their staff, enhancing their strengths and aligning with the business strategy and culture


Organizational Structure alignment:

Design the work structures always looking for the cost efficiency for the company, without deteriorating the capacity of delivery of services.

Program to maximize the management of your executives as leaders:

To develop the leadership competencies working from the essence of the individual, his talents, potential and training for an adequate social interaction. Only with these fundamental capabilities is it possible to develop effective leadership that generates long-term results, an environment of trust and a culture of high performance.

Staff alignment with corporate strategy:

Align and assign the company's strategic objectives to all areas and positions, based on systems for their execution. Leverage execution with performance parameters and competitive compensation to promote meritocracy.

Certification program for medium management in effective management and execution:

To train and develop medium management in its management based on a methodology consisting of practical workshops that positively impact their performance and productivity, obtaining their certification through exams, executed tasks and audits.

Strengthening the role of human resources:

Align the human resources strategy to the corporate by offering answers to the needs of its internal clients, improving their processes, practices, everyday habits and monitoring their results through management indicators and monitoring systems .

Compensation strategies (GENERAL, VARIABLE and executive):

Establish compensation systems focused on ensuring both equity and competitiveness within and outside the organization, thus achieving a positive impact on the organizational climate and on the attraction and retention of talent, giving future certainty The employee.

Change management, change adoption programs and effective communication:

Solutions with methodologies and support tools that reduce risks and optimize results.

Sales Force Effectiveness Program:

Train vendors in techniques, processes, and competencies to increase productivity, establishing management indicators, service and sales standards, and a tracking system that ensures best practices.

Evaluation and systems of talent evaluation and detection of key and potential personnel:

Detect staff capacities by areas and individually to form talent maps.