ESR Distinctive

What is it?

The ESR distinctive is a recognition that the business sector of Mexico gives to those companies that, in addition to attending all the laws in a timely manner, practice social responsibility under aspects such as business ethics, quality of life of their Collaborators, community development and the care and protection of the environment.
This recognition is assigned by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI) and the Alliance for corporate Social responsibility in Mexico (allying), which have formed a team of specialists to evaluate the participating companies.
The ESR distinctive is delivered annually during the Latin American meeting of socially responsible companies.

Objectives and Benefits

The distinctive ESR, in addition to adding value to the brand and improving its profitability, strengthens companies in front of its various stakeholders, distinguishes it as an organization that integrates in its strategy a social management system Responsible, in a voluntary and transparent way.
Through some studies, it has been found that more than 60% of consumers show willingness to pay an overprice for products that support social or environmental causes.
Thus, the benefits can be translated into:








How can we help you?

In Board Solutions we know that social responsibility must be known and shared from within the company, involving the whole organization in this process of continuous improvement for that reason, we carry out a personalized attention where to each one of Our business partners support you in the following phases:


Application to the ESR distinctive

Strategic PLAN

Accompaniment in awards ceremony

Development and communication