High Effective Corporate Council - Experiences of Success for a Value Added Audit Committee

High Effective Corporate Council - Experiences of Success for a Value Added Audit Committee

High Effectiveness Corporate Council 
Success stories for a value-added audit committee 

It is a real fact that today many of the entrepreneurs who accept positions as directors and members of corporate committees are exposed to the possibility of demands from shareholders, authorities and the public investor in general. 

This book is a compilation of modern executive methodologies that have been successful in their daily practice. They have also made it possible to ensure the effective implementation and development of the Audit Committee, as a fundamental part of the Board of Directors, under a formula that guarantees access to and analysis of the company's critical information and, therefore, makes it possible to practice and the exercise of Corporate Governance insurance and high performance. 

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Although the implementation and operation of the Audit Committee is a regulatory obligation of many companies in Mexico, the United States and many other countries, the perspective of this book is aimed at identifying the importance and benefit of establishing this Committee from the point of view of view of the business, regardless of what is required by current legislation. 

A recent study of around 200 institutional investors in the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America reveals that they are willing to pay a 20% premium for good Corporate Governance. 

With absolute certainty and foundation in the experiences, it is possible to affirm that the practices that are described in this book do not constitute a cost for the company, but on the contrary an investment that will result in savings, greater efficiency, elimination of errors, frauds and, Of course, in the possibility of maintaining a business with profitable margins of profitability for a long time. 

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