The New Law of the Securities Market - Executive Analysis and Relevant Aspects of Corporate Governance

The New Law of the Securities Market - Executive Analysis and Relevant Aspects of Corporate Governance

The New Law of the Stock Market 
Executive analysis and relevant aspects of corporate governance 

Due to its transcendence, clarity and opportunity, this work by Guillermo Cruz is a must read for the directors of companies that are willing to play their role in a more effective way creating value for the company by better understanding their responsibilities, as well as their rights. in an environment of greater legal security. 

It will also be an enriching read for executives, lawyers, specialists and all those who seek to obtain a pragmatic and comprehensive vision of the new Securities Market Law, which, as the author puts it, will be a watershed not only for the future development of the stock market but also for the good administration of business in Mexico. 

Jonathan Davis Arzac President of the National Banking and Securities Commission 

Knowledge and understanding of good corporate governance are fundamental for its correct application in the business world. This work, prepared by one of the experts in Mexico on the subject, is a valuable tool to approach, in a very practical way, the concepts that in this matter incorporates the new Law of the Stock Market. The breadth of its content, objectivity and recommendations make this guide a mandatory publication for all those interested in the new law and corporate governance of Mexico. 

Guillermo Prieto Treviño President of the Mexican Stock Exchange 

Reading the work of Guillermo Cruz is agile and enjoyable; It is not only interesting and clear for those interested in the subject of corporate governance, but also of great interest to executives, students, businessmen, accountants, lawyers, business advisors, public officials and advisors who wish to start learning about this topic. The schematic executive analysis of the new Securities Market Law that the author performs is a great tool to understand, in terms of corporate governance, the fundamental aspects of the new law applicable to SAP, SAPIB and SAPI. 

Finally, the guidelines and reflections guide, contained in chapter 6, is a list of basic questions for an "examination of conscience" for shareholders, directors and officials of any non-governmental or non-profit company or institution. This work as the law are "... a watershed in the business administration in Mexico" 

Antonio Franck C. Partner of Haynes and Boone, S.C.

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