The Government of the Entities of the Organized Civil Society

The Government of the Entities of the Organized Civil Society

The Government of the Entities of the Organized Civil Society 
Evolution, principles, tools and experiences 

The model of corporate governance and its application is a topic known to a significant number of entrepreneurs and senior executives; However, not a few ignore the way in which this scheme is incorporated into companies, and if adopting it can affect their growth, their ability to attract investors and their profitability in the short or medium term. 

Although adoption is an evolutionary process, today it has transcendence in the legal field and is presented as an undeniable reality faced by companies in their search for transparency and recognition in business. 

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For this reason, the Center of Excellence in Corporate Governance announces the production of its research committees, through the series: Blue Ribbon: Best Corporate Governance Practices Recommendations. 

The objective of this series is to cover a wide range of topics that include the topic of corporate governance in relation to the family business, organized civil society, the internal control system, companies in transition, the public sector, entrepreneurs, IT as support to counselors and business ethics, among others. 

The series is presented as a mandatory reference guide for directors, general managers, board secretaries, senior executives, consultants and corporate governance advisors who seek to broaden their horizon in the field and are committed to business development in Mexico. 

This first volume that appears under the title "The government of organized civil society entities", the result of the research work of the committee of the same name, is the assimilation of best practices incorporated in small and medium-sized non-governmental organizations that, without losing their goal of assistance, they have been able to adopt corporate governance mechanisms that allow them an effective and transparent recognition of the general public. 

Sergio E. Contreras P. General Director of the Center of Excellence in Corporate Governance 

Odette Navarro Delgado Coordinator of the series

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