SAPI The Modern Public Corporation - A Model That Facilitates the Growth of Companies

SAPI The Modern Public Corporation - A Model That Facilitates the Growth of Companies

One of the great challenges of the modern company in Mexico is to understand the necessary professionalization of the traditional family structure. The ignorance of those who make companies anchors us not to institutionalize them, which makes it difficult for us to work with ethics, transparency and order. The use of legal forms such as that of the investment promotion corporation (SAPI) provides enormous opportunities to access capital, to manage with a vision of long-term strategic game and, above all, to create trust. As entrepreneurs we have to assimilate and make our fair play with partners outside the family, avoid contamination of family relationships in business and establish dynamic relationships with the different interest groups of the company, all based on trust to guarantee the sustainability of organizations. 

How many companies with full possibilities of growth are stuck because they do not adapt to the times or do not take advantage of the opportunities that the environment presents them? Why does our Mexican company fail to develop at the pace of what happens in other countries with similar levels of development? How many growing organizations with a promising future have been disrupted by the lack of a succession plan? How many families have disintegrated due to the clash of economic interests and power? How many companies have lost their way due to lack of congruence in strategic decisions? 

In this book, Guillermo Cruz explains the enormous value of the implementation of corporate governance as a form of institutional development of a company - small or medium, family or not - and the extraordinary opportunities that the legal framework of the modern corporation offers us today. . He does it in a simple way, taking us from the technical and complex to the practical and applicable context. 

The present work is another contribution of Guillermo Cruz to the acquis for the development of the family business and is, without a doubt, a guide for those of us who make the company to find areas of opportunity and redesign of the future of our organizations. 

Alonso G. Castellot Analyst of business issues

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