Frequently asked questions:

Q. Who leads the project?

Personal attention is provided to a member along with all his team, who have a solid track record, high academic level and national and international certifications, which will apply their experience in each of the projects from start to finish along with everything the impulse of the firm, to establish optimal strategies in productivity and profitability.

Q. How long does it take to implement a corporate governance project?

Depending on the conditions and level of corporate maturity of each company, a work program is defined that suits their needs and priorities. This can vary from a range of 6 months or more if necessary.

Q. What are the benefits in corporate governance?

Corporate Governance as an administrative practice of the organization ensures convenient levels of efficiency on the financial and operational conditions of the company, by allowing, on the one hand, that the potential investor has an appropriate perception of the firm's governance and, therefore, , be sufficiently acceptable to invest their resources in it; and on the other ...

Q. What are the benefits of the internal control system?

The internal control system (SCI) is a mechanism that can reasonably ensure the achievement of business objectives. Allowing the administration to have a shared vision of the priorities and risks of the organization. It also makes it possible to establish performance limits and ensure that each executive meets their responsibilities in order to ensure an operating model ...

Q. Why is it important to have a training plan?

The training plans allow to strengthen the talent of each company and at the same time allow to align the gaps between the profile of the desired position and the current position. Hence the need to invest in a systematic plan for continuous improvement.

Q. Why is it important to have a succession plan?

The succession plan seeks to ensure the permanence, stability, transcendence of one generation to another and the future of an organization in order to make clear the rules, times and conditions of the transition, which allows maintaining a cordial relationship between the shareholders of the organization and with the assurance that it will continue with the best corporate practices ...

Q. Why is it important to know my competition?

One of the most frequent mistakes of companies is the lack of identification of the market, changing the needs of customers, determine the satisfaction of the products and services required in the future, so know the competition and market developments it will determine to fix real variables to assure its permanence, creating alliances and competitive environments for ...