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We are the leading firm in corporate consultancy with a unique model of strengthening the business strategy and protection of business heritage through best practices in the market, which make up what we call today corporate governance.
Board Solutions brings together leading experts in corporate governance and family businesses who have one of the most important collections of experiences and success stories in the field. The great added value of this service is clearly observed in each of its customers that include large, medium and small private companies as well as the public sector and companies that are listed on the stock exchange in Mexico and abroad. As a leading firm of specialized consultancy we offer a portfolio of services of high impact in the organizations, consult the details or download our corporate Brochure.


To contribute significantly to the corporate management of our clients, through raising their levels of institutionalization, security, trust, performance and productivity.


First choice and national leader in the provision of corporate governance services, based on excellence, innovation and significant influence on value creation.

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César Pereda

The implementation of Corporate Governance was agile and practical, it is impressive that after 10 years its implementation in Perc continues to give good results with minimal updates.

César Pereda Managing Director / Grupo Perc
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